Unlock the Power of Vibrational Sound Tuning for Daily Self-Care


Experience deep grounding, stress relief, connectedness, and more…
with our OM Octave Potent Points kit. Includes two (2) tuning forks, instructional cards with video training, and exclusive community access.

Daily sound tuning benefits

  • Enhance cell vitality and boost your immune system
  • Increase resistance to stress and sharpen mental clarity
  • Amplify grounding and balancing effects for a deeper sense of ease
  • Activate energetic and physiological relationships for optimal well-being
  • Deepen your connection with yourself and others
  • Experience a deep feeling of being at home on planet Earth

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The OM Octave Potent Points Kit includes two tuning forks with instructional cards and video training. You’ll also get access to discounts for workshops and membership with a community of vibrational sound-tuning practitioners. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the power of vibrational sound healing.

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Unlock Your Inner Strength with the OM Octave Potent Points Kit

Get ready for a more balanced life with the OM Octave Potent Points Kit – a simple tool that can help you Stay Tuned during times of great transformation and change.

Infinity Body for Grounding

A Potent Points Practice to use when you’re feeling scattered or having trouble calming down.