Vibrational Sound Tuning Session with Caren

Anita Boehm - Mountain Sage Wellness, Golden, CO

Vibrational Sound Tuning session with Caren lead to taking Aligned Living’s Phase 1 Potent Point Course

Tara Stef - Moongazer Healing, Denver, CO

Caren Truske works with my staff at The Yellow Carrot Restaurant. I have seen rapid shifts and change with each and every individual that she has worked with. Not only has their sense of being changed, they are grounded, more light, more focused, finding greater joy in everything that they are doing and they are so interested in who they are again. She helps them remember who they truly are, peeling back these layers. I’ve seen just amazing, amazing success with my employees. It has been magnificent, impacting our entire restaurant in tangible and intangible ways. I am grateful, honored, privileged and blessed to have Caren in my life and in the life of my staff. It is a true gift that she has, a true gift to share with the world. ~ Sari Suzanne Seedorf, Owner & Executive Chef, The Yellow Carrot, Durango, CO

Caren, You are amazing! Something was stuck. I couldn’t have done it without you. You are magical with such a special skill. Energy has completely shifted. I am more aware of how I choose to handle my workload…All of a sudden things are flowing in a way I can only describe as peaceful and serene. I feel amazing. ~ Patti Barker, Owner, PattiBGood Accounting

At the beginning of June of 2022, I had the opportunity to have Caren Truske give me a Tuning Session. I really didn’t know what to expect except that I felt safe and welcomed in her space to help me get in tuned and recalibrate the imbalances that I felt I was going through within me. She used her transformational tools, tuning forks and healing energy to get me aligned. After leaving her space I immediately felt a sense of calmness in me that I had not felt in a while, like I had truly been relieved of anxiety that did not belong to me in the first place. One of the coolest things that I would like to share is that in the following days after my session it was as if smells smelt more great, colors more vibrant and thoughts more clear. I was functioning on all cylinders! I will definitely be going back, I look forward to practicing and learning how to keep that energy flowing more consistently in my life. Thank you so much to Aligned Living for getting me feeling in tuned with the world around me and myself again! ~ Jessica Jennings,Vectra Bank, Durango, CO

I have been seeing Caren for a couple of weeks now, and my growth and healing has been exponential. A session with Caren is worth several years of healing with a talk therapist. Caren’s wisdom and knowledge flow effortlessly, and her work in sound healing is unparalleled. I encourage all those looking for healing to look no further. Make an appointment with this incredible healer. 10 out of 10 ~ Luke Wilder, Durango, CO

I feel much better. My shoulders went from a 5 pain level to a 1. My hips feel much better. ~ TP

Wow! I feel relaxed. My hands feel amazing. Thank you ~ CC

I feel relaxed. I feel good, free. I feel I’m relaxing on my own. ~ AA

I feel balanced, creative, loved and whole ~ KC

I am rejuvenated, I am present, I am grateful. Wow, this was amazing. Thank you! ~ MC

I am empowered and at ease. Thank you! ~ ST

I am feeling better. I slept a lot better. I am walking better. Thankyou, I’ll be back! ~ MA

Had to share. I played in the first flight of the golf tourney. I shot 42 on the back and 37 on the front. My personal best!! I was in another zone. Putting lights out and focus, focus, focus. Thankyou! ~ LW

I feel strong, relaxed. I am healing, present and joy! ~ DB

I feel powerful. ~ CL

Thanks so much Caren. I lucked out and feel blessed. Wow! Didn’t realize how much my body and soul needed some attention. You made it all possible. ~ LW

I feel freed. I am more open. I am love. We are connected and “one” ~ FC

I am vibrating higher now, peaceful. We are connected and peaceful together, loved. ~ LLC

I am grateful and joyfilled. I feel alive and connected to others. Thankyou Caren. This was amazing. ~ DM

Caren Truske is an amazing energy worker. I met her while I was going through some massive shifts and change. She introduced me to sound tuning which I immediately knew was what I asked for although I had never experienced anything like it before. Within moments of our session, I felt this enormous relief from my solar plexus. I went into a state of profound gratitude and love for the work that she did and was able to really grasp some new ways of being just by moving this energy.
My life changed fast and rapid. ~ SS

I feel like all the noise and anxiety has calmed down. Earlier, I felt like I was kind of losing my mind. I don’t feel any of that anymore. ~ BA – Columbus,OH

I feel a sense of relief. I feel strong like I can make it through anything ~ LB – Columbus,OH

I am feeling better. Pain is lessened, more energy. I feel more motivated. Mood is better, sadness has lifted. ~ ML – Denver, CO

Thanking God for your help in our life! Thanksgiving season just ended. I wanted to remind you of how thankful I am for you and your work with my son. It’s been a great journey with all of the learning and growth.
Thank you. ~ LC

Caren, I am so grateful to you and your amazing gifts! I had to share this with you, so that you know what a difference you are making in this world…It brings tears of joy to my eyes right now! I feel a peace I have not felt in a long time. You are filled with light and love and I am so happy you have been brought into my life. I could not have done this without you. ~ PB

You are amazing! Something was stuck. I couldn’t have done it without you. You are magical with such a special skill. Energy has completely shifted. I am more aware of how I choose to handle my workload…All of a sudden things are flowing in a way I can only describe as peaceful and serene. I feel amazing. ~ PB

I had been having suicidal thoughts for several months, probably years and didn’t know why or where it was coming from. I scheduled a Multi-Modality Vibrational Sound Tuning and Integrative Movement session with Caren. I was able to identify 2 souls that had suicidal tendencies. These were my great-grandparents. Once I was able to “free” the energy of my grandparents who had actually committed suicide, I haven’t had a suicidal thought since. Caren was able to connect with their spirits and souls and together we freed them back to the light. It was a powerful experience which rapidly changed my life. I now experience greater focus, joy, clarity which translates into greater success in my business and ease in my life. ~ SS