Solfeggio Vibrational Sound Tuning

The Law of Vibration states that all creation vibrates at unique and specific frequencies; everything in the Universe is in motion, nothing rests. Vibration shapes our lives. Wherever your current vibration is, that is what you will generally attract. Solfeggio frequencies belong to a set of ancient tones, fundamental tones used in venerable Indian Sanskrit and Gregorian chants to bring body-mind-spirit into balance, aid in healing, and assist in aligning with One’s Divinity. These “lost” tones, that’s a story for another day, were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo in the 1970’s along with their ability to change the world. Slightly dissonant, Solfeggio Tones generate movement and flow; clearing, balancing, harmonizing, unifying, activating and aligning. Solfeggio Vibrational Sound Tuning Practitioners utilize these tones as a set and individually recognizing the unique gift of each tone;




396 HZ

Liberates Guilt & Fear
Removes subconscious fears, worries, & anxiety

99 HZ


417 HZ

Undoing Situations, Facilitates Change
Clears negative energy, thoughts & patterns

104.25 HZ


528 HZ

Transformation & Miracles (DNA Repair)
Reduces Stress

132 HZ


639 HZ

Connecting, Relationships
Balances emotions, elevates mood 

159.75 HZ


741 HZ

Expression, Solutions
Removes toxins

185.25 HZ


852 HZ

Awakening Intuition
Boost awareness, cut through illusion

213 HZ