Ranch Visits

“Because horses are prey animals, the field of energy around them is more fine-tuned than that around predators (humans). The field that includes you and your horse has a life of its own! As a unified field, it has a unique relationship to other beings and things. This may explain why “button-pushing” activities, like repeatedly spooking at the same flagpole, continue from your horse, whether you like it or not! As a unit, you have created a neural pathway.” – Joan Ranquet, Energy Healing for Animals

Vibrational Sound Tuning for horses using tuning forks of various frequencies on acupuncture points and meridians is found to reduce stress, disrupt these “button-pushing” pathways, enhance energy flow, accelerate healing, help rider and horses adapt to environmental and internal changes, enhance the quality of relationship, amplify and optimize performance. Solfeggio and planetary tones are also utilized in and around the horse and rider’s energy field, clearing stagnant and stale energies, balancing and harmonizing horse and rider. Regular clearing and balancing of the horse’s ting points supports recovery, health, performance, energy flow and overall well being. Each session is customized to the individual needs of rider and horse.


Durango Area (10 miles radius) – 2 horses, 1 rider
+$60 per horse or rider


(20 mile radius) – 4 horses, 2 riders
+$60 per horse or rider


(40 miles radius) – 6 horses, 3 riders

+$60 per horse or rider