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Vision Moves Cards

Vision Moves is a set of 17 Cards in our Aligned Living zippered carrying case.

Vision plays an important role in your experience of self, the world, and your ability to read, learn, comprehend, interact, live, drive, and express yourself in the world as well as athletic and creative endeavors and performance. Both receptive and active, dynamic vision requires flexibility and whole brain-body integration. The deeper you can relax, the better you can see.

This Vision Moves Card Set is ideal for classrooms, counselors, coaches, teachers, students, readers, parents, athletes, all ages and visual abilities especially those spending long hours on computer and video screens and everyone wishing to enhance and support their brain health and vision.

Seeing takes place in your brain and your whole body not just your eyes. Mental, physical, and emotional stress diminishes visual acuity, focus, reading fluency, decoding ability, comprehension, eye teaming, body balance, and proprioception-the awareness of where you are and the space around.

Individually and collectively these Vision Move Cards balance and harmonize energetic imbalances, increase energy flow and offer a more wholistic and energetic way of thinking about health, wellness, agility, adaptability, reading, aging, seeing, hand-eye coordination, communication and vision.

Use Vision Moves throughout the day for reading and brain breaks, as a warm-up before any activity requiring hand-eye coordination and focus, when distracted, unable to relax, concentrate, focus or remember. Simply follow the directions on each card. Breathe, relax and soften your gaze. Experience the difference adding these simple moves to your daily routine offers.



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