Potent Points

Potent Point Cards Kit + Membership

Potent Point Cards Kit includes 16 Potent Point Cards in our Aligned Living zippered carrying case and lifetime access to our 2 Getting Started and Top 5 Potent Point videos. To further assist and support you along your Vibrational Sound Tuning (VST) journey you will receive;

  • Monthly Potent Point Newsletter
  • Membership to Potent Point Facebook Group
  • Regular Class & Course Discounts and Tuning Opportunities
  • Lifetime Access to our Top 5 Potent Point Videos;
    1. Jing Well Points – Hands
    2. Jing Well Points – Feet
    3. Spinal Walk – Huato Jiaji Points
    4. Neck Potent Points
    5. The 3 Treasures Activation


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CoursesPotent Points

Master Your Frequency – MasterCourse | Jan 22 – March 11, 2024

Potent Points

Master Your Frequency – Live Zoom MasterCourse Only (Jan. 22-March 11, 2024)

1 Low Earth Star OM Tuning Fork with 16 Potent Point Cards in a zippered carrying bag with lifetime video and educational support.
Potent Points

Low Om Earth Star Potent Point Kit