Potent Points

Potent Point Cards

Potent Point Cards set includes 16 Potent Point Cards and our Aligned Living zippered carrying case.

This Potent Point Card Set is ideal for those who already possess their own Om weighted tuning forks. Based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and with insights from Japanese and Vietnamese acupuncture points, meridians, protocols and techniques, each Potent Point card has been consciously designed to be of support during times of great transformation and change. Individually and collectively these Potent Points clear energetic pathways, balance and harmonize energetic imbalances expressing as physiological symptoms, increase energy flow and offer a more wholistic and energetic way of thinking about health, wellness, mobility, agility, adaptability, transformation, change and performance.

Specifically designed to be in service to weighted Mid-Om 136.1 Hz, Low/Earth Star Om 68.05 Hz and Solfeggio tuning forks, these cards may also be used with Planetary & Cosmological Frequencies including Sun/Moon.




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CoursesPotent Points

Master Your Frequency – MasterCourse | Jan 22 – March 11, 2024

Potent Points

Master Your Frequency – Live Zoom MasterCourse Only (Jan. 22-March 11, 2024)

1 Low Earth Star OM Tuning Fork with 16 Potent Point Cards in a zippered carrying bag with lifetime video and educational support.
Potent Points

Low Om Earth Star Potent Point Kit