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Om Duo Potent Points Kit

Why Om Duo – 2 Mid-Oms?

Om Duo – Used bi-laterally on the body and together on Potent Points. When used together in unison, the same tone is united reinforcing the original intent, Om Duo grounds, balances, roots, centers and connects us more deeply to Earth generating a sense of ease, comfort, familiarity and safety.

Om is calculated as the sound of an Earth Year, the cycle of time it takes planet Earth to travel 365 days and four seasons around the Sun. Landmark research conducted at Cell Dynamics Inc. demonstrates that Om 136.1 Hz is one of several tuning forks with the ability to release Nitric Oxide in body tissues. Nitric Oxide is an important cellular signaling molecule involved in many physiological and pathological pathways known to; enhance cell vitality, vascular flow, destroy bacteria and viruses at a micro level enhancing one’s immune system and ability to prevent and fight infections, increase resistance to stress, sharpen mental clarity, diminish depression, and more.

When used together, frequencies of Om Duo; 2 Mid-Om 136.1 Hz amplify the grounding, harmonizing, balancing, rooting and connecting effect offering a deeper sense of ease, safety and familiarity, a deep feeling of being at home on planet Earth. Forks may be used together on one point or bi-laterally on right and left sides of the body.

2 fork techniques and protocols will be demonstrated and taught in FB Group, Master Your Frequency Potent Point and Practices MasterCourse and in specific 2 fork classes and courses!

This Om Duo Potent Points Kit contains; 2 Medivibe long stem weighted Mid-Om 136.1 Hz tuning forks, 16 Potent Point Cards that come in our Aligned Living zippered case. To further assist and support you along your Vibrational Sound Tuning (VST) journey you will receive;

  • Monthly Potent Point Newsletter
  • Membership to closed Potent Point Facebook Group



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