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Master Your Frequency – MasterCourse | Jan 22 – March 11, 2024

Everything is energy – vibrating. Therefore everything including you, your physical body, your words, your thoughts, your emotions, food, plants, animals, liquids, solids, gases…. each have their own unique vibration and frequency!

This 8 Week MasterCourse(1) includes an Om Octave Plus+ Potent Point Kit(2) and 1 year Potent Points & Practices Membership(3) and 100 page Interactive Manual (emailed each week) ($1299 Value)

Each week, you will receive 3 keys;

🗝Awareness: Questions & Experiences to enhance & expand your personal presence.                     🗝Integrative Movements to integrate the Vibrational Sound Tuning work we do and support you in being “All In” – in your body, fully aligned; front/back, top/bottom, right and left.                               🗝Vibrational Sound Self-Tuning using Potent Points & Practices on specially chosen acupuncture points and meridians along with tips and protocols to use when “tuning” others.

(1) Master Your Frequency-Potent Points and Practices;

Zoom links provided upon registration/purchase. Your weekly attendance and participation is expected and necessary for the greatest benefit and outcome. Classes will be taped and Vimeo links sent to each registered participant.                                                

Monday’s – January 22 – March 11, 2024           

5-7pm Pacific *|* 6-8 pm Mountain *|* 7-9 pm Central *|*  8-10 pm Eastern

Week 1 – You are the Gift – Your Presence Matters: Mid-Om, Om Duo, Om Octave, 12 Meridians, 3 Treasures Activation

Week 2 – Know Your Center; The Vagus Nerve, Du, Ren & Sushamna Central Channels, Caren’s Front Ground Down & Sacred Geometry

Week 3 – As Above, So Below; Jing Well Points Hand & Feet,

Week 4 – Root Down to Rise; Root Activation, Immunity Points Legs & Feet

Week 5 – Reaching UP & Out; Neck & Shoulders Potent Points, The Windows to the Sky & Throat Chakra

Week 6 – Vision; Inner & Outer; Vision Points, Facials and 2 fork (Om Duo) protocols

Week 7 – The Energies of Change; Spinal: Walk-Huato Jiaji and 8 Seams (the sacrum)

Week 8 – Love is the Key: Harmony, Balance, Attunements and Energy Upgrades

(2) Your Om Octave Plus+ Potent Points Kit contains; 3 Medivibe long stem weighted Om Tuning forks; 2 Mid-Om 136.1 Hz & 1 Low Om (Earth Star) 68.05 Hz.

16 Potent Point Cards that come in our Aligned Living zippered carrying case. To further assist and support you along your Vibrational Sound Tuning (VST) journey you will receive 1 year Potent Points & Practices Membership (3) including;

  • Monthly Potent Point Newsletter/Classes/Videos
  • Membership to our closed Potent Point Facebook Group
  • Access to our Top 5 Potent Point Videos;
    1. Jing Well Points – Hands
    2. Jing Well Points – Feet
    3. Spinal Walk – Huato Jiaji Points
    4. Neck Potent Points
    5. The 3 Treasures Activation

 2 Mid-Om 136.1 Hz and 1 Low/ Earth Star Om 68.05 Hz. Medivibe Weighted Tuning Forks included.



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Master Your Frequency – Live Zoom MasterCourse Only (Jan. 22-March 11, 2024)

1 Low Earth Star OM Tuning Fork with 16 Potent Point Cards in a zippered carrying bag with lifetime video and educational support.
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Low Om Earth Star Potent Point Kit

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