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Master Your Frequency – Live Zoom MasterCourse (March 25-May 13)

Ready to Transform Your Life, Master Your Frequency and Live Aligned in greater sovereignty, on Purpose and as your Authentic Self?

Potent Points and Practices will expand and grow your personal and professional capacity,  expand your awareness, align Body-Mind-Spirit, unlock your true potential, support you during these times of rapid transformation and embody your knowledge, experience and application of Potent Points and Vibrational Sound Tuning.

You’ll receive:

  • Live instruction in an interactive group cohort setting with Vibrational Sound Master Teacher/Coach Caren Truske, MS.Ed.
  • 100 + page Manual; each chapter sent weekly with readings, journal pages, reflection pages and insights specific to the week’s topic.
  • Recording of each week’s class.
  • PDF of weekly Keynote/Powerpoint Slides
  • Monthly 1-on-1 with Caren
  • Bi-Weekly group Q & A with Caren
  • Aligned Living & Potent Point discounts and specials

Each week, you will receive 3 keys;

🗝Awareness: Questions & Experiences to enhance & expand your personal presence.                    🗝Integrative Movements to integrate the Vibrational Sound Tuning work we do and support you in being “All In” – in your body, fully aligned; front/back, top/bottom, right and left.                               🗝Vibrational Sound Self-Tuning using Potent Points & Practices on specially chosen acupuncture points and meridians along with tips and protocols to use when “tuning” others.

Master Your Frequency-Potent Points and Practices;

Zoom links provided upon registration/purchase. Your weekly attendance and participation is expected and necessary for the greatest benefit and outcome. Classes will be taped and recording links sent to each registered participant.                                             

Monday’s:  March 25 – May 23, 2024            

5-7 pm Pacific *|* 6 – 8 pm Mountain *|* 7 – 9 pm Central *|*  8 – 10 pm Eastern

Week 1You are the Gift – Your Presence Matters:  What are your values and gifts? Where are you aligned? Where do you desire greater alignment? Using Om Octave Plus (2 Mid-Oms, 1 Low Earth Star Om) will review the 12 Meridians, activate your 3 Treasures Activation and harmonically align your Body-Mind-Spirit for the fullest expression of your unique gifts.

Week 2Know Your Center; Do you easily move from and live in your Center? Activate your  Vagus Nerve, Du, Ren & Sushamna Central Channels. Learn Caren’s Front Ground Down Potent Points & Sacred Geometry Basics to enhance living in and from your Center.

Week 3As Above, So Below; Jing Well Points for Hands & Feet activate and clear every meridian in your body. Key for fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, balance and expansion, we’ll explore these relationships through these powerful Potent Points.

Week 4 Root Down to Rise; What’s the difference between rooting and grounding? How connected are your roots? To what? Experience and explore Potent Points; Root Activation and Immunity Points Legs & Feet (yes rooting and immunity are related)

Week 5Reaching UP & Out; Where are you reaching? What are you reaching for? Explore the role of your Neck & Shoulders in your ability to expand your reach.  Activate and clear The Windows to the Sky Potent Points & your Throat Chakra

 Week 6Vision; Inner & Outer; Expand and enhance  your vision. Awaken greater proprioception with Vision Points & Vision Moves. Learn techniques for Facials and 2 fork (Om Duo) protocols and more.

Week 7The Energies of Change; We are hard-wired for change. Learn how to activate and support your body’s innate ability with Spinal: Walk-Huato Jiaji and 8 Seams (the sacrum).

Week 8Love is the Key: Harmony, Balance, Attunements, Coherence and Energy Upgrades
Potent Points and Practices that support you to actively live in daily bliss in your Authentic Divine Life Purpose!

**Tuning Forks and Potent Point Card Kit NOT Included – Purchase separately** 




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