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Achieve Wellness Book

I am thrilled to collaborate as a co-author for Achieve Wellness! Each of the 21 Chapters has been written by an expert coach, practitioner, educator, spiritual entrepreneur/creator! Here’s an overview of the chapters:

1) Frequency Matters, Get Tuned! Stay Tuned! Live Aligned! – Caren Truske, MS.Ed, CVSMT – Ch. 15

2) Created for glorious Wellness – Eava Currence

3) Surviving Toxic Relationships – Dawn Livingstone

4) Give CPR to your business and LIFE – Ari Gronich

5) Top 10 tips for Navigating the Exploding world of Hemp CBD

6) I Made Resolution with my Molester – How to achieve emotional and mental freedom from any trauma – Donna Latinen

7) How to live a life of conscious creation – Drew Mercouris

8) The healing modalities: A journey into massage therapy – Glen Fleming

9) You are NOT your diagnosis – Julie Ann Meyer

10) The 5 Master keys to building your best body – Julie Space Roehn

11) Six strategies to mental wellness – Kelli Melissa Reinhardt

12) Self-care through tragedy – Laura Cross

13) Sports and health: Negative emotions: your advocate for healing and performance – Les & Suzanne Simpson

14) The power of a positive mindset – Noelle Peterson

15) Embracing Reiki: an energy modality – Sarah Stockholm

16) Reboot, Reclaim and Refocus Nutrition – Sherry Bainbridge

17) Massage therapy is good medicine – Suzann Eccher

18) How does your body use nutrients?  – Tamara Miller

19) Using vibration for health and wellness – Thomas Fenner

20) Stepping into your power and building your confidence can change your life – Vanessa Raymond

21) How to gain wellness through work – Robert Raymond



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