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Low Om Earth Star Potent Point Kit

Already have Mid-OM 136.1 Hz weighted tuning fork(s)?

Low OM Earth Star is one octave lower than Mid-Om providing a deeply grounding energy. Commonly used on the lower body, Low Om offer access to more deeply congested energies while harmonically balancing, rooting and grounding.

Combine Mid-Om with Low Om to create Om Octave! Octaves span 8 related tones and spaces, doubling the vibration when going up and halving the vibration when going down; representing beginnings and endings of a cycle, As Above, So Below. When used together on separate points it encourages feelings of unity, wholeness and connection. On the same Potent Point, it generates comfort, completeness, grounding, clearing and infinite possibilities. Om Octave is used to balance Hyper-conditions, menopause & perimenopause symptoms along with transitions from one phase or state to another.

This Low OM Earth Star Potent Points Kit contains;
🎶 1 Medivibe long stem weighted Low Om (Earth Star) 68.05 Hz tuning fork

🎶 16 Potent Point Cards that come in our Aligned Living zippered case and lifetime access to our 2 Getting Started and Top 5 Potent Point videos. To further assist and support you along your Vibrational Sound Tuning (VST) journey you will receive;

  • Monthly Potent Point Newsletter
  • Membership to our Potent Point Facebook Group
  • Lifetime Access to our Top 5 Potent Point Videos;
    1. Jing Well Points – Hands
    2. Jing Well Points – Feet
    3. Spinal Walk – Huato Jiaji Points
    4. Neck Potent Points
    5. The 3 Treasures Activation


1 Low Earth Star OM Tuning Fork with 16 Potent Point Cards in a zippered carrying bag with lifetime video and educational support.


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