Single Session or A La Carte
$60 - 30 min.

Add on to any session or stand alone as a single session.

Potent Point Tune-Up

Release tension, increase flexibility and flow. Potent Point Protocols for; hands, feet, back, vision points, immunity boosting, neck, shoulders, constipation, and more…

Brain Tune-Up

Potent Points & Protocols to increase balance and flow for the Head, Brain and Neck.

Chakra Tune-Up

Energy hygiene is the new norm. Regular tune-ups optimize performance and possibilities.
Get Tuned! Stay Tuned! Live from your Home Frequency!

Core Activation

Slouching? Off balance? Is your swing off? Move from your core, get your X on – integrate instead of compensate!

3 Treasures Activation

Experience greater arability, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength, harmony and balance.

Planetary Tune-Up

Daily, Weekly, Monthly…
The planets rotate, revolve and interact impacting our energy and planet Earth. Planetary frequencies are used fo support you in navigating day to day life with ease & clarity.

Wow! I feel relaxed. My hands feel amazing. Thank you ~ CC

I feel much better. My shoulders went from a 5 pain level to a 1. My hips feel much better. ~ TP