All of YOU!
60 min. Sessions
Starting @ $199

You feel drained and scattered. There’s too much negativity, conflict, unwillingness, and stress. You are stuck and overwhelmed repeating the same old patterns, running into the same old problems, efforting instead of enjoying life.

You have an amazing vibration inside you, a resonance that conveys your soul’s purpose, truth, love, abundance, and joy! Each 60-minute session helps to integrate lower frequency patterns and past lessons into greater levels of harmony, balance, and function. I will help you release struggles, move out of fight – flight – freeze into the pathways of unity, play, possibility and curiosity. You’ll leave feeling lighter and relaxed, able to ride the waves of life with greater hope, ease, clarity and present moment awareness, ease and grace.

Solfeggio Chakra Balance

Feeling drained, overwhelmed or scattered? Get Tuned. Stay Tuned! Using Solfeggio Tones to energize, optimize, harmonize and clear chakras & central energy channels.

Brain Balance - Acu-Attunement

Trouble sleeping. Living in fear & worry. Stuck, unable to focus and concentrate?
Using Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta tuning forks and integrative movements to harmonize and optimize brain-body integration for greater clarity, focus, and joy!

Planetary Acu-Attunement

Feeling out of sorts, ungrounded, can’t find your center? Nothing seems to go your way? Using planetary tuning fork frequencies on acupuncture points and meridians to attune you with the lunar cycles, planetary energies, astrological cycles and influences for optimal flow, balance, harmony and integration.

Reading/Vision Balance

Reading and seeing begins with hand-eye whole body proprioception, eye teaming, visual receptivity, and the brain’s ability to interpret data & input. Enhance fluency, comprehension, eye teaming, visual recognition through integrative movements, Bala-Visa-X techniques and VST for Vision/Eyes. Perfect for students, teachers, coaches, athletes and all who want to enhance and optimize reading, proprioception, spatial and overall awareness.

Writing/Fine Motor Balance

Writing, communication and fine motor skills require the integration and balance between the forearm’s radius and ulna, hand and mouth. Specific integrative movements and VST for hands, mouth, neck and jaw will be used to optimize writing, communication and fine motor skills and ability.

Live In Person Session Testimonials

I am empowered and at ease. Thank you! ~ ST

I am rejuvenated, I am present, I am grateful. Wow, this was amazing. Thank you! ~ MC

I feel balanced, creative, loved and whole ~ KC

I feel relaxed. I feel good, free. I feel I’m relaxing on my own. ~ AA