Transformational Sessions & Packages
2-3 hour Expertly Designed & Individualized for YOU!
Starting @ $499

You feel untethered. When things go well you become apprehensive, waiting for the other shoe to drop. You are working harder and harder, never seeming to arrive at your desired destination, goals, and dreams. You achieve your goals and dreams yet are unsatisfied and unsatiated. Something or someone is holding you back. You can’t seem to sustain momentum. Instead of living your Dharma, you feel stuck in old karma. You can’t find your purpose in life and like a ship without a rudder amble about.

During our session, I will ascend you into your stellar path, align you in your HOME Frequency, support you in creating and living the epic novel of your life. I promise to guide you into embracing and radiating your uniquely Divine Power, Presence, Purpose and Promise. Together, we will integrate your life lessons, elevate your awareness, and actualize your unique and individual essence uniting and harmonizing the Sacred Flow of your body, head and heart. You can have your cake and eat it too, right now!

Fear to Faith Walk

What is holding you back? Fear? The Unknown? The What if’s…?
This powerful session uncovers, integrates, and transforms limiting beliefs and blocks, activates your unique resources & innate gifts, elevates your awareness and unifies your body-mind-spirit to consciously create the next chapter of your life with ease, grace & joy!

5 Element Harmony & Flow

Does change intimidate you or invigorate you? Are you stuck or overwhelmed at regular times of the week, month or year? Does your life flow with ease and grace or are you constantly bumping into obstacles?
Using the wisdom in the 5 Element Theory we will energize each element and optimize all aspects of flow aligning you with your HOME Frequency radiating your light in the world.

Timeline & Pattern Clearing

Holding on? Holding back? Controlling the people around you? Holding to resentment, guilt, shame, or a commitment you made in the past that is no longer relevant? We’ll identify the low or over energy spaces, places, and congestions, the stuck patterns, obsessions and fixations composting, transmuting, freeing and evolving the energies, frequencies and possibilities.

Developmental Reflex Integration

Unintegrated reflexes hinder and inhibit learning, development, aging, behavior, and performance. Injuries often activate and exasperate unintegrated spaces in our mental, emotional, and physical bodies.
Once identified, integration is achieved through playful movement and isometric motor patterning.
3-8 session packages are available

Pro Licensure Study & Test Taking System

How do you learn best? What is your Brain-Dominance Profile? Are you studying, prepping and test taking in brain-compatible ways? We answer and explore each of these areas, balancing your brain-body system for optimal performance. You leave with a series of integrative movements and study directives to optimize your study sessions and achieve your test performance results with ease & joy.
3 – 8 session packages available

Living Aligned - Uniquely You

Live the Life of your Dreams NOW!
A specially designed session incorporating movement and Vibrational Sound Tuning with follow-up activities and check-ins will be designed just for YOU.

Live In Person Session Testimonials

I had been having suicidal thoughts for several months, probably years and didn’t know why or where it was coming from. I scheduled a Multi-Modality Vibrational Sound Tuning and Integrative Movement session with Caren. I was able to identify 2 souls that had suicidal tendencies. These were my great-grandparents. Once I was able to “free” the energy of my grandparents who had actually committed suicide, I haven’t had a suicidal thought since. Caren was able to connect with their spirits and souls and together we freed them back to the light. It was a powerful experience which rapidly changed my life. I now experience greater focus, joy, clarity which translates into greater success in my business and ease in my life. ~ SS

You are amazing! Something was stuck. I couldn’t have done it without you. You are magical with such a special skill. Energy has completely shifted. I am more aware of how I choose to handle my workload…All of a sudden things are flowing in a way I can only describe as peaceful and serene. I feel amazing. ~ PB

Caren, I am so grateful to you and your amazing gifts! I had to share this with you, so that you know what a difference you are making in this world…It brings tears of joy to my eyes right now! I feel a peace I have not felt in a long time. You are filled with light and love and I am so happy you have been brought into my life. I could not have done this without you. ~ PB

Thanking God for your help in our life! Thanksgiving season just ended. I wanted to remind you of how thankful I am for you and your work with my son. It’s been a great journey with all of the learning and growth.
Thank you. ~ LC