Uniquely Designed for YOU!
Enhancing Performance - Expanding Possibilities
90 min. Sessions
Starting @ $299

The old way isn’t working any more. You feel unimaginative, and unable to move forward in your life the way you desire.

Each 90 minute Elevate session begins by decluttering your personal energy field so that you can become more spacious, aware and alive. Then, we’ll optimize your energy and raise your personal frequency above old limiting beliefs and energetic patterns allowing you to bask in your unique “Home Frequency” radiating greater presence in your life and moving you into high vibe living.

Soundscape Planetary Facial

Sagging, drooping, wrinkly? Tight, tense, concussed? Upcoming dental work? Planetary frequencies are used to increase blood flow, release tension, enhance form, clear stagnation, open sinuses, balance hearing, enhance your vision and calm your nervous system elevating you above daily stressors and strain.

Astrological Acu-Attunement Retrogrades, Saturn Return, Secondary Progressions, Transits, North, Ascendent, major life decisions and events...

With an astrologer, I look at your natal chart and transits. Together we create a session using planetary signatures on specific acu-points which attune you to navigate life and events with more optimal flow, awareness, joy and possibility.

Brain Tune Whole Body Re-Patterning

Do you live in your head? Overthinking? Feeling disconnected from your joy and purpose. Want to shift gears, shift focus, dial up your energy, sit in the pause and calm yourself with ease and at will? Using Vibrational Sound Tools and integrative movements, we’ll re-pattern your gear-box for optimal ease and high performance.

Solfeggio Chakra ECHAT

Feeling unimaginative, limited and stressed? The old isn’t working any more? Energize, Clear, Harmonize and A-Tune your bodies and surrounding biofield with your HOME Frequency, rising above lower energies for High Vibe living and optimal energy and performance.

Peak Performance Balance

New season? Big Game? In a Slump? Athletes & non-athletes, everyone wishing to optimize performance, experience greater balance, coordination, ease, confidence, clarity, and elevated performance.

Live In Person Session Testimonials

Caren Truske is an amazing energy worker. I met her while I was going through some massive shifts and change. She introduced me to sound tuning which I immediately knew was what I asked for although I had never experienced anything like it before. Within moments of our session, I felt this enormous relief from my solar plexus. I went into a state of profound gratitude and love for the work that she did and was able to really grasp some new ways of being just by moving this energy.
My life changed fast and rapid. ~ SS

I am grateful and joyfilled. I feel alive and connected to others. Thankyou Caren. This was amazing. ~ DM

I am vibrating higher now, peaceful. We are connected and peaceful together, loved. ~ LLC

I feel freed. I am more open. I am love. We are connected and “one” ~ FC

Thanks so much Caren. I lucked out and feel blessed. Wow! Didn’t realize how much my body and soul needed some attention. You made it all possible. ~ LW

I feel powerful. ~ CL

I feel strong, relaxed. I am healing, present and joy! ~ DB

Had to share. I played in the first flight of the golf tourney. I shot 42 on the back and 37 on the front. My personal best!! I was in another zone. Putting lights out and focus, focus, focus. Thankyou! ~ LW

I am feeling better. I slept a lot better. I am walking better. Thankyou, I’ll be back! ~ MA