Learning Moves

August 20 @ 12:00 pm3:00 pm

Single ticket: $66 or Bring a friend and get 2 tickets for $99

Do you love learning and living or is learning and life stressful, overwhelming and exhausting?
How does stress impact and affect your ability to learn, play, create, engage & perform?
Do you know your dominant Eye? Ear? Hand? Foot? Brain Hemisphere?
When are you in an optimal whole brain-body state or where have you developed compensations?

Learning Moves will teach you how to;
1) Identify your Brain-Body Dominance Profile and that of others
2) Recognize stressors and how they specifically impact and unintegrate you and how you then impact others
3) Upgrade & elevate – integrating your Brain-Body System instead of dropping into over-energy and compensations
4) Replace effort, frustration, trying hard and harder with greater ease, joy, effectiveness and flow.
5) Utilize Vibrational Sound Tuning and integrative movement tools, tips, protocols, and practices to balance and align your energy, optimize living, learning and day to day performance!


August 20
12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Single ticket: $66 or Bring a friend and get 2 tickets for $99


DAAR Classroom -CO

125 E. 32nd St. – DAAR Classroom, Durango, CO , 81301 United States
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