About Caren Truske

Caren Truske, MS.Ed., CVSMT

I love change!
Well, I haven’t always. I learned to love and embrace change when I chose to thrive rather than live my life striving, surviving and just making do. Like so many people, I was programmed to believe that if I work hard, I can have, do and be anything I want. So early on, I began to grind, getting up early, staying up late, working hard and harder, and experiencing what my family, friends, coaches and colleagues deemed “success.” I applied this hard work formula to everything; athletics, academics, coaching, teaching, relationships, money management, health… All aspects of my life.

I experienced vast and often extreme change during my athletic career; 4 years playing and 10 years coaching Division 1 Women’s Basketball at 7 vastly different Universities across the country. Feeding this “paradigm of success” often meant I overlooked situations of alignment subconsciously creating situations in which I had to prove myself. Working hard, I continuously reinforced the subconscious belief that was now driving my life. I “had to earn” each position I received not understanding that effort without ease creates more effort and a vicious cycle of striving.

Then I picked up Smart Moves and met author Dr. Carla Hannaford. My ideas and beliefs around effort, competition, and hard work were not only challenged but vastly changed. Carla became my first Brain Gym®️ Instructor showing me that learning is innate. While we are hard-wired for survival, we are also wired to evolve, adapt, thrive and change. Efforting and “trying hard” can actually downshift us neurophysiologically into survival centers and dis-integrative performance states. Brain Gym®️ and Carla taught me that education, derived from the Latin word educare, means to draw forth one’s innate wisdom. Each of us has within us an innate wisdom. We are neurophysiologically designed to flow joyously and seamlessly from internal spaces of knowing to external spaces of learning which become integrated through movement, repetition and play. When living in whole brain-body integration we grow, learn, evolve and life flows. Collaboration, cooperation and play as Dr. Hannaford challenged me, are actually higher levels of internal organization, which leads to infinite possibilities and offers new and different definitions for success. Moving out of surviving and striving into thriving and flow we all have increased choices, opportunities and possibilities.

This expanded my fascination with learning, the brain and optimal performance through a lens of integrative movement, play and breath. I became certified in Educational Kinesiology aka Brain Gym®️, Vision Gym, Brain Dominance Profiles, Developmental Reflex Integration, Bala-Visa-X, Brain-Based Teaching and Learning implementing all my experiences and knowledge into elementary, middle and high school students and classrooms for the next 21 years.

In 2012, I experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury and my life changed yet again. That lingering desire to push through challenges quickly gave way to surrendering and pulling back, creating space, listening deeply, and rest. Lots of rest. It was as if my entire nervous system was being re-wired. It was somewhere along this journey that I began to realize that I am far more than my physical body. I began to recognize that my thoughts, emotions, Spiritual relationship and physical body all influence and affect each other. While movement can indeed influence and affect all these aspects of me, there is something more. Even though I taught Physical Science (beginning Chemistry and Physics) for the majority of my teaching career, Vibrational Sound Tuning reminded me that everything has its own frequency including our thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical body and its respective organs and parts. Seeing through the lens of vibration and frequency, I learned how to dial in different frequencies, harmonizing, clearing, balancing, aligning, integrating, elevating, and constantly evolving Body-Mind-Spirit to higher and more expansive orders of organization.

So began my journey into understanding the quantum nature of our world, the influence of sound and the expansive power within unity consciousness. I took my first Solfeggio Energy Tuning Course with SomaEnergetics founder Dr. David Hulse. Everything he said, even if I didn’t fully understand it intellectually at that time, resonated with me on a deep level. David even commented, “you’ve done this before, perhaps if not this lifetime, another” inviting an expansion of consciousness beyond the physical realms into experiences and possibilities of innate awareness and deep understanding that surpasses words, time and space.

As a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher, I have tuned and trained with SomaEnergetics using Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Acutonics using Planetary frequencies and signatures and renowned musicians and Facial Acupuncturist Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and her medical astrologer partner MichelAngelo. I am especially taken with how easy and joy filled my life is when I live aligned and high vibe, in harmony, resonance and honor with what I now understand to be my Home Frequency. Like my fingerprints, my Home Frequency is unique and individual to me, attuned to my true purpose and my Soul’s work in the world. It is here, choosing to live in and from my Home Frequency and Authentic Self that I THRIVE and so does everything and everyone around me.

It is my promise and obligation to help transition, rise, expand and evolve the collective consciousness and the vibration of the world. I am here to alchemicalize and attune you in the magic, mystery, beauty and necessity of transformation and change. I can teach you to pivot effortlessly and joyously and to vibrationally align and ascend into your stellar path. I will support you in creating the epic novel of your life assisting you to uncover, embrace and radiate your uniquely Divine Power, Presence and Purpose. Living aligned in your Highest Truth and attuned to your Home Frequency, you and everyone around you will THRIVE as you share your Divine Gifts with the world!

Sound Found Me