Caren Truske,


I love change!

Well, I haven’t always. I learned to love and embrace change when I chose to thrive rather than live my life striving, surviving and just making do. Like so many people, I was programmed to believe that if I work hard, I can have, do and be anything I want. So early on, I began to grind, getting up early, staying up late, working hard and harder, and experiencing what my family, friends, coaches and colleagues deemed “success.” I applied this hard work formula to everything; athletics, academics, coaching, teaching, relationships, money management, health… All aspects of my life.

Aligned Living

We are experiencing times of rapid change!

Earth’s natural changes, the exponential increases in solar flares and other cosmic energies, along with advanced technology’s ever increasing levels of electromagnetic radiation are continuously exposing us to higher frequencies causing physical changes on our planet and within our bodies. Like computer software programs, these energy upgrades occur often without knowing. As resonant beings, we are all affected by these energies.

Aligned Living was created to assist and support you on your journey, helping you navigate, integrate, elevate and evolve the zigs and zags, twists and turns, energetic upgrades and lessons of life. Teaching you to become a master of your energy and living Aligned in your HOME Frequency as your Authentic Self, you will continuously thrive as you actualize and share your unique and individual gifts with the world. Wired for transformation and change, I am here to help you energetically navigate these expansive frequencies, Live Aligned and Thrive!

Work with Caren


Potent Points
Om Octave
Starter Kit

Our Potent Point Kits contain everything you need to get started or continue your journey with tuning forks. In staying “Tuned,” it is easier to navigate change, sustain optimal energy, regularly experience peak performance, flow joyously with the dynamic nature of life, move from surviving and striving to THRIVE-ing! Click to see our three different kits that offer a variety of tuning forks, our 16 Potent Point cards and access to our library of videos to get you started on your tuning fork journey.

Solfeggio Body
Tuners and Potent Points

Solfeggio frequencies belong to a set of tones, fundamental tones used in ancient Indian and Gregorian chants to bring body-mind-spirit into balance, aid in healing, and assist in aligning with One’s Divinity. An open octave, Solfeggio Tones generate movement and flow and are found to be clearing, harmonizing, unifying, activating and aligning. As a Certified Vibrational Sound Tuning Master Practitioner and Instructor, I utilize Solfeggio tones in every session as a set working with chakras, individually or in various combinations on Potent Points and in one’s biofield recognizing the unique gift of each frequency. For more information on Solfeggio frequencies, and Practitioner Level Courses click “Learn More.”

Optimal Learning & Performance Coaching & Consulting

Do you know your “Learning Profile” and that of those you teach, train, coach, lead, & manage? By actualizing the brain-body connection and working from the awareness of frequency you can differentiate integrated coherent and unintegrative incoherent spaces and behaviors. Then, utilizing simple tools, technologies, techniques and movements you and your team can integrate, elevate, enhance, optimize, sustain and maintain high vibe energy, work, performance and a life aligned with your core values and everyone’s Authentic Self.

Offering 2 hour to multi-day inservice trainings and workshops for your team, staff, and family.

Ranch Visits

Vibrational Sound Tuning for horses using tuning forks of various frequencies on acupuncture points and meridians is found to reduce stress, disrupt “button-pushing” pathways, enhance energy flow, accelerate healing, help rider and horses adapt to environmental and internal changes, enhance the quality of relationship, amplify and optimize performance.